Teen Acne: Regain Confidence


GBGM product line for Teen Acne is designed to deliver on the promise of healthy looking skin. Research and experience in treating Teen Acne has shown that teenagers and young adults are affected emotionally by the outbreaks and also affects their confidence.

Treatment products include:

  1. Aza Cleanse Face Wash 4.7 fl.oz.
  2. Sulphur and Salicylic Acid Toner 4.7 fl.oz.
  3. Emergency Blemish Serum (Day Time) 1.0 fl.oz.
  4. Instant Spot Treatment (Night Time only) 0.5 fl.oz.

… Plus accompanied by Two (2) FREE Acne treatment Facials at any of our Branches after purchase.

Aza Cleanse

A mild wash that addresses inflammation and redness with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits.
Net Wt. 4.7 fl.oz

Sulphur & Salicylic Lotion

A powerful astringent toner that combats accumulation of keratinized skin cells that may clog pores causing acne.

Net Wt. 4.7 fl.oz.

Emergency Blemish Serum

This serum contains Vitamin C, Gotu Kola and Green Tea extracts to help make blemishes less noticeable. Net Wt. 1.0 fl.oz.
Out of stock

Instant Spot Treatment

Fight blackheads and redness while treating spots .

Net Wt. 0.5 fl.oz.

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