Lypossage helps move lymphatic fluid, which when stagnant can create the bumps, bulges and lumps we call cellulite. Lypossage breaks up under-the-skin adhesions that create this dimpled appearance.

Lypossage took several years to evolve from research project to worldwide massage phenomenon.

Lypossage is a blend of two things: complex physical therapy for lymphedema and myofascial massage.

The main aim is to see what the effects of these two things would have on healthy women. The intention was not to create a new modality but rather to encourage others to do research. As it turned out, the research showed that people lost dimension without losing weight and that there was a diminished look of cellulite.

A Growing Family of Lypossage Practitioners

Since Lypossage was first introduced, there are more than 4,000 certified Lypossage practitioners practicing around the world. In the U.S., Lypossage is represented in almost every state. There are Lypossage therapists in the Baltic region, Greece, Holland, Belgium and many other countries throughout Europe.

Lypossage is growing in Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, Brazil, Columbia, Australia and Hong Kong—and there is even a Lypossage training facility in Seoul, South Korea.

The Lypossage family has grown year after year because it is a successful, healthy alternative to liposuction as well as a great post-liposuction treatment that is used in many plastic surgeons’ offices.

About the Founder

Lypossage was developed by Charles Wiltsie, LMT, a massage therapist and consultant in the medical and day spa industries for over 29 years.

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A Message from our Lypossage Founder

Notice from Charles Wiltsie, LMT

Developer of Lypossage®

I am writing this for all those interested in receiving the Lypossage® Massage Therapy Body Contouring Treatment and to any who wish to be trained in the treatment.

More than 20 years ago I developed the Lypossage® Massage Modality. It derived itself from research I did on Complex Physical Therapy for Lymphoedema and Myofascial Massage.

As a result, Lypossage® was one of the first body contouring treatments introduced in the United States, first appearing in Day Spa Magazine in January of 2000 and later in Massage Magazine, as a cover story, March-April 2001. Since then, we have written about throughout Europe, Brazil, the Caribbean, Canada, Australia, Korea, the Baltics and Greece. There is so much written that I can no longer keep track. Because we were one of the first, we have also been the launching pad for others in the body contouring business. Lypossage® began as a wholistic treatment but now is often being confused with other treatments. For that reason, I am writing this note to clarify who we are and define what Lypossage® Massage Therapy is.

What is Lypossage®: Lypossage® is a Therapeutic Massage treatment. It is a non-invasive body contouring treatment organized and developed by Charles W. Wiltsie III, LMT and derives itself from established research and specific techniques that are consistent with versions of Complex Physical Therapy for Lymphoedema and Myofascial Massage.

Lypossage® is a specific, structured, adjunctive treatment, delivered to patients after cosmetic surgery. It is done under the supervision of a Plastic Surgeon. In allopathic environment Lypossage® was developed to minimize occasional swelling, related to the lymphatic system, post-liposuction, and other forms of cosmetic surgeries.

Lypossage® is also delivered as a holistic, outcome-based, body contouring treatment, instead of surgery, with more natural results. Whether delivered as a post-surgical follow up treatment or wholistic treatment, Lypossage® is palliative and follow up can be frequent and long term. Patient participation in the treatments is essential to the treatment’s success.

Who Can Deliver Lypossage® Treatments? Those who are trained in the Lypossage® Treatment must be licensed health services providers as defined by the Statutes and Laws of each Municipality, State, County, Province, Parrish, or Country. Practitioners must also carry malpractice insurance that covers massage therapy. While some individuals may learn Lypossage® as an academic exercise, without a license to practice, they are not qualified to deliver the treatment. Examples of individuals who would be qualified to deliver the treatment are, Licensed or Registered Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Nurses (Where Statutes allow them to practice as solo practitioners or under the supervision of a Doctor), Estheticians (Where Statutes allow), Medical Doctors and Chiropractors.

How Is Lypossage® Delivered? Lypossage® is delivered as either a hand’s-on massage therapy treatment or mechanical treatment. When delivered as a hand’s-on treatment the therapist follows specific protocols, as developed by Charles Wiltsie, LMT. These protocols are unique and must be delivered precisely. When using equipment, the treatment is specific to FDA Approved machines developed by General Physiotherapy, Inc. In addition, there are specific Lypossage® protocols designed for this equipment. There are also adjunctive treatments that replicate elements of therapies for Lymphoedema such as LypoSlim® Herbal Body Wraps that help manage swelling in a patient’s limbs.

Can Other Treatments be Added to Lypossage® Therapy? Concentric Treatments can be added to the Lypossage® treatments if they are prescribed by a Doctor. For example, Manual Lymphatic Drainage may be a treatment that is added to the Lypossage® body contouring treatment. Another example of a concentric treatment might be compression garments approved by the doctor managing the patient.

Treatments you will never see associated with Lypossage® are: Draining of wounds, wood tools, fascia blasters, graston tools, ultrasound, light treatments, laser treatments or freezing treatments. In short, these treatments are all out of the scope of practice for massage therapists, and while they are within the scope of practice for other health services providers such as Doctors, Physical Therapists, and some Nurses, they are inconsistent with the holistic approach associated with Lypossage®.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and it is my hope that the body contouring treatment you chose will be the cleanest, healthiest approach. In addition, I hope, if you receive body contouring treatments, that you avoid untrained practitioners and make sure the treatments you receive are done by qualified health services providers, with malpractice insurance. For those of you who want to be trained as a Lypossage® Practitioner, make sure you meet the requirements for training. These requirements include graduating from an accredited trade school or college, proof of licensure to practice and deliver massage therapy and proof of malpractice insurance.


Charles Wiltsie, LMT
Managing Partner
Lypossage esthetiques International, LLC
Phone: 860.638.9286

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