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GBGM Men – Classique Correct


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Kit includes:

  • Grapefruit Foaming Cleanser 4.7 fl.oz.
  • Rapid Rejuvenation Serum 1.0 fl.oz.
  • C – Factor Moisturizer (corrects sun damage) 1.7 fl.oz.

1 x Grapefruit Balancing Cleanser

This gentle yet effective wash deep cleans and removes excess oil without overstripping.

Net Wt. 4.7 fl.oz.

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Rapid Rejuvenation Serum

1 x Rapid Rejuvenation Serum

A hexapeptide-rich formula that immediately boosts resilience in devitalized skin. Net Wt. 1.0 fl.oz.

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1 x C Factor Creme

Fight time by delivering the antioxidant benefits of Vitamin C to your skin.

Net Wt. 1.7 fl.oz.

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All men must have a daily regimen to clean the skin and ensure the pores (whether under the beard or not) are free of any build up and let’s not forget to address the effects of aging whilst also correcting damage caused by the sun.


Treatments products include:


  1. Grapefruit Foaming Cleanser 4.7 fl.oz.
  2. Rapid Rejuvenation Serum 1.0 fl.oz.
  3. C – Factor Moisturizer (to correct sun damage) 1.7 fl.oz.

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