Our Caribbean skin is exposed to the effects
of heat and sunlight constantly which
accelerates the skin aging process.

This is why we scientifically formulated a
multi-step regimen that will maintain healthy
and youthful looking skin and also to reverse
the negative effects of aging.

Whatever your skin care needs, our family of
products provide the maintenance and
transformational therapy required for all types
of Caribbean skin.



Cleansing the skin is an essential part of a skin care regimen and is the first step to beautiful skin. Cleansing twice per day (morning and evening) is recommended. Cleansing too often can lead to irritations/rashes and more breakouts.

GBGM Skin would like to dismiss the myth of over cleansing for persons with acne prone or oily skin, over cleansing would strip the skin of its natural barrier, leaving it dry and exposed.

By extension the skin tries to overcompensate and releases more oils and this begins a vicious cycle due to over cleansing.


Balancing the skin’s ph level is a must needed step in your home care regimen, for all skin types, no matter the specialty care required.

Toners remove dirt and build up from the skin whilst hydrating and protecting the skin. GBGM Skin has toners for specific skin conditions, as it wipes away excess oils while refining the pores. Toners also brighten the skin based on key ingredient content.

Booster Serums

Serums boost facial rejuvenation by using specific robust ingredients for the specialty need of the client. The molecular sizes of the Serum ingredients are usually smaller than say that of its close ally, the moisturizer. Therefore Serums penetrate deeper into the epidermis of the skin and catalyses (speeds up) the delivery of the specific treatment. Be it tightening, plumping, acne or blemish treatments and balancing the skin tones.


We provide moisturizers for all skin types. Why moisturize? The skin is the largest organ and represents the first line of defense against bacteria, viruses and irritants. Moisturizing the skin helps to seal water into the skin. Your face needs to be hydrated because of daily water loss from its surface.

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